5 Star Repair Services Inc., is a full service hvac, refrigeration, & appliance repair service company. The Owners have over 20 years of professional service experience. No matter haw big or small the job happens to be, we are here to help make sure your heating or air conditioning units are properly working. For the best in convenient and on time ac repairs in Houston, you cam rely on excellent service provided by the experts of 5 Star Repair Services Inc.

Our Helpful technicians guarantee quality customer service each and every time. Our 24 Hour Emergency call centers are here to accept your calls anytime you are experiencing any problems. Our maintenance increases the lifespan of your central air system and reduces you utility costs as well.

As a well trusted name for many homes in Houston. We provide a high level of customer care service and our technicians are always respectful & courteous.  If you are experiencing issues with your hvac system, we’ll have an expert technician coming to your home with prompt and delightful response. You can enjoy your home cooling needs with 5 Star Repair Services Inc.Whether you know it or not, the indoor air quality of your home has a great impact on your level of health.  To ensure the greatest level of health and indoor air quality, it begins making an appointment with 5 Star Repair Services Inc.

When something breaks down, its tempting to cut corners and have you or a friend try to fix it. That quick fix may seem the less expensive route now, but in the long run it may not offer you the most value. Sometimes instead of repairing your old unit, it may be more beneficial to invest in a new ac unit. Most equipment has a life expectancy between 10-20 years of life or older. Before we get started on your air conditioning unit repair, we will conduct a check-up of your unit, providing possible recommendations for upgrades or repairs. After deciding on what service you would like, an upfront price will be given before we start the work. This means you won’t be surprised by any hidden charges. You will always be kept inform by the technician on the cost of services, making every repair an affordable and reliable asset to your home.

Are you moving soon? If you are moving within the next year or two and believe investing in a new home ac system will improve the value of your home, you should consider making the investment. If however you are planning to live in your current residence for many years, it may be wise to invest in your future comfort. You should consider these fine brands. Trane, Lennox, Rheem, Ruud, Carrier, American Standard, are all excellent choices.

Hvac maintenance calls can actually save you money each year. An ac system which has not seen service and normal check ups will run at a lower level of efficiency. A unit running at lower efficiency will drive up your utility bill throughout the year, and can become quite costly. The great news is our air conditioning service visits will repair these problems and help to lower you yearly energy consumption. I addition to better efficiency, our trained technicians will inspect your unit unit for hazardous issues as well. We will attempt to see if we can discover any future repairs in hopes of preventing a breakdown.

People can often forget their furnaces most of the year, but when the chilly weather hits in the winter, it quickly becomes your good friend. Houston can sometimes get pretty cold, which is why we’re dedicated to keeping your furnace performing at its peak performance. Its nice to have a comfortable home in cool climates, thats one of the best parts of coming home. With the excellence you’ve come to expect with al the product we carry, our full line of furnaces is no different. We provide our customers with utility efficient hvac throughout the coldest winters. If for some reason you need us for repairs when its freezing cold outside, our trained service technicians will be there to get you home back in business