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5 Star Repair Services Inc., is a full services hvac, refrigeration, & appliance repair service company. The owners have over 20 years of professional service experience. No matter how big or small the job happens to be, we are here to help make sure your heating and air conditioning units are properly working. For the best in convenient and on time ac repairs in Houston, you can rely on excellent service provided by the experts of 5 Star Repair Services Inc.

5 Star Repair Services Inc., is a well known trusted name for many homes in Houston. They provide a high level professional customer care service and there technicians are very respectful & courteous. If you are experiencing issues with your hvac system we have an expert technician to your home, with a prompt and delightful response. You can enjoy your home cooling needs again with 5 Star Repair Services Inc.

Our helpful technicians guarantee quality customer service every time. Our 24 hour emergency call centers are here to accept your calls anytime you are experiencing any problems. Our maintenance increases the lifespan of your central air system and reduces your utility costs as well.

Whether you know it or not, the indoor air quality of your home has a great impact on your level of health. To ensure the greatest level of health and indoor air quality, it begins with making an appointment with 5 Star Repair Services Inc.

Maintanance Check

  1. Thermostat settings ensure cooling and heating operations keep you comfortable when you’re home and cut energy use when you’re not.
  2. Electrical connections should be tightened. Voltages and currents on motors should be measured. Poorly maintained electrical connections cause unsafe operation of your system while reducing the life of all components.
  3. Lubricate all moving parts. Friction causes additional resistance in motors and increases the amount of electricity & voltage used.
  4. Inspect the condensate drain in central AC units, furnaces and heat pumps. Plugged drains serious water leaks and water damage. Many ceilings get replace when the accident occurs.
  5. Controls ensure safe and proper operation. Check that the system cycles, properly.
  6. Evaporator and outdoor condenser coils. Dusty & dirty coils reduce a system’s ability to cool your home. They cause the system to run longer, raising utility costs while damaging the life of the equipment.
  7. Check and tap off the refrigerant level of your hvac air conditioning unit. Inappropriate refrigerant is another problem of a less efficient, energy increasing and life reducing system.
  8. Clean and adjust blower component. This provides better airflow for improved comfort. Lack of Airflow causes system reduction up to 16%
  9. It is very important to check for gas and oil connections. Loose connections can result in fire hazard and can contribute to health problems.
  10. Gas & natural gas contains approximately 4.98% moisture. This can cause the diaphragm in pressure regulators to deep freeze in some winter climates. Anti Corrosion Resistant paint can help prevent leaks at joints.
  11. Check your Burner for proper combustion and heat exchange ratios. Dusty burners or a cracked heat exchangers causes poor operation. Will eventually cause equipment malfunction.

Questions you should ask yourself.

  1. Is your home too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter?
  2. Does your equipment turn on and off repeatedly during the day?
  3. Do you have problem rooms that seem to never get warm or cool?
  4. Is the turning on of your equipment noticeable, disturbing or causing annoying vibrations in your home?

When something breaks down, it’s tempting to go the quick route and pay for air conditioning repair to get it up and running again. That quick-fix may seem the least expensive route now, but it may not offer the most value in the long run. Instead of repairing your old unit, it may be more beneficial to invest in a new AC unit. There’s a lot to consider: Age of your equipment. Most equipment is designed for a life-expectancy of 10-20 years. Older equipment is prone to the following.

  1. More expensive repairs, such as compressors, water leak issues, inefficient coils.
  2. Much lower energy efficiency vs. today’s standards
  3. Reduced performance due to dusty or corroding coils.
  4. The cost of the repair is less than 29.9% of the cost of new equipment
  5. The rest of the system is in excellent operating condition

Before we get started on your air conditioning repair, we will conduct a check-up of your heating or ac unit, providing possible recommendations for upgrades or repairs. After deciding on what service you would like, an upfront price will be given<i> </i>before we start on the job.This means you won’t be surprised by any hidden charges. You’ll always be kept informed by our technician on the cost of each service and part, making every piece an affordable and reliable asset to your home. We work by the job, not by the hour.


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Moving soon? If you are moving within the next year or two and believe investing in a new home ac system will improve the value of your home, you should consider making the investment. If, however, you are planning to live in your current residence for many years, it may be wise to invest in your future comfort. You should choose a quality unit when making that decision. Trane, Lennox, Rheem, Ruud, Carrier, American Standard are excellent choices.